How do I manifest?

A part of the journey into awakening, and realisation of ourselves as multidimensional beings has been concerned with pulling back parts of ourselves that had been lost, high-jacked, or were just out of reach for our day conscious minds while we were yet not fully opened. And we have had more support on that process in the recent couple of years, than we have had in a long time. This means that many of us are quite rounded up, and at the same time better aligned with the higher frequencies of planet earth. And the question is: how do we manifest from this new point of departure?


Universal gridsManifestation as a multidimensional being

Ever since we have become aware of our ability to manifest as human beings, the idea of manifestation has been pointed out frequently in spiritual communities. Together with lifting the veil of Maya, and understanding the holographic nature of reality, the background from which we now understand reality has led to the belief that we all create our world, and that the potential for manifestation is endless. This has particularly been reinforced by the film and book “The Secret”, which also gave the idea of this universal law a commercial turn, and quite an egoic turn too. The fact is, however, that a lot of our manifestations are made from the sub-conscious, and from energy and information in our bodies that we do not necessarily master. Furthermore, the purpose of manifestation is to serve our spiritual mission on earth. Not just to satisfy egoic needs. And further than that, what we need to understand is that manifestation and creation are meant to be collective behavioral forms; it is not just about the individual. In a time where we are starting to come together, and are, more extensively being led towards people of similar frequencies and life missions, hereby gathering our tribes and networks, it is becoming more obvious that what we strive for in our personal development is to connect, to collaborate, to co-create, and to manifest on that basis. But what can be the first steps in this process here in 2017, also called the ‘year of manifestation’?

Manifestation as a collective creational form

The secret of attraction is a universal, spiritual law. However, it becomes more complicated, while we think ourselves into it, and the multiplicity of existences that we as humans represent: because all human beings have an ability to manifest. And some of these manifestations are equal to the current society. All the while, the non-human, energetic entities that work with us and against us, and affect the ways of this planet, are also co-formers of the space in which we are able to manifest. This means that manifestation does not happen without some sort of coupling to the existing social mechanisms, and current collective manifestations, all the while these are also connected to multidimensional levels. Now, if there is anything that is typically not favored in spiritual communities it is the thought of something being complex. Because, wasn’t it so that the higher my consciousness gets, the simpler everything becomes?

The feeling of something being simple is typically when a sequence of fragmented knowledge finally becomes experienced as a whole in the next dimension. That does not mean, however, that there are not new levels to explore and relate to from that point of departure. It is so with manifestation. There is no single easy chemistry between human being and planet that allows for the pure bliss of manifestation directly according to our own day conscious mind and will, such as the film, The Secret, tells us. It all depends upon our Dharma, our genetics, our place in the Earth matrix, and our particular connections to higher cosmic energies. Which entity are we? What do we have to work with? And what options for connection do we have? Furthermore, although we are able to reach into higher dimensions, and to meet our guides and helpers at this level, this is not always the same as our helpers having the full insight of our earthly conditions. We tend to think that they always know their way in and around the Earth matrix, in order to guide and support the manifestations that we want and need. However, this is not the full truth. In fact, many times communication with higher entities functions more like a linkage system between ourselves as entities, and our non-human or non-physical connections. Thus, we need to communicate back to our helpers what this world is about, so that both parties learn.

On becoming and holding space for each other

As multidimensional beings we are much more than what mainstream psychology and theory on personality or individuality permits us to see. We are also energy beings, we have often had multiple lives, and sometimes in other planetary systems, and of different physical densities as well. As most of us know so well, energy below the quantum level is directly connected to our mind and thought, which is why it moves and acts in accordance with our directed intentions and focus. If, in the matrix, we experience a lot of interaction based on closed 3D existences, our energetic system reacts; also when we are not conscious of it. It partially closes up, if the energies around it do not allow for its natural flux. This is where the idea of ‘holding space’ for each other comes beautifully into the picture. And this is typically not about physical space, but about allowing the full energy of a person, or a set of persons in a given situation, to unfold; while keeping the space open and safe for that energy to come to the fore. It means the world for a super sensitive, empath that there is energetic space for his or her full volume; if the energy has a high level of intelligence, it will withdraw if this space it not there. And all this happens at levels so subtle that you need to develop the high frequency awareness to be able to detect and feel it. While integrating our many lost energetic parts, we become whole. And this is how how we can begin to acknowledge our grandness and with, energetically speaking. Holding space for this is something we can do for each other along the way.

The organic communication of ourselves through creativity

We need also to feel into the motion of these energies in our structures, in order to interpret and let our bodies be moved by them. By moved I mean feeling into the question: which creative expressions want to come out of me? Particularly me? What wants to manifest itself through me, and how can I, as a physical entity, support this expression? In this time, where the bifurcation is central and strong, and where there is support for the move into a new organic timeline, it is particularly important to stand in our truth. But is it equally important to express this truth in as many ways as are representative of us, and thus let the creative energy come into flux. And we can ask ourselves: is this done by dancing? By singing? By acrobatics? By martial arts? By writing? By tantric internal and/or external practices? By writing? By participating in transition projects? Or whichever creative expression is pushing you from the inside, in the request to be expressed and connected with other beings at the physical level of reality.

The matrix is a system of categorical understandings of human beings, and jobs and companies are thriving upon certain ways of categorising human labor as its own capital. The word ‘capital’ is used in a variety of ways, describing human workers using different aspects of the basic human identity as a means to gain profit for the company (cultural capital, social capital, etc. as formulated by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, while newer theorists have also formulated the “erotic capital”). However, as human beings we are really not born to feed a labor machine. As multidimensional beings, we are born to be and express what we are in our full form, and to integrate our human and cosmic energies into earthly societies. This can form an example also to the people of the matrix, of ways in which to function as viable, life loving entities that feed on creativity, and bring Source into play through ourselves and our own structures. Therefore, it is essential that we express ourselves. And that we let our expressions be filled with love and support of the human population. And that we support the idea of sustainable living through our expressions as well. As a part of this, a very central issue is our own health. Health concerns all levels from the most physical and dense, to the most etheric and energetic levels of ourselves. Moving from the earthliest to the most cosmic levels. Our viable syntheses, which have formed us, and which is in-forming us again and again, must be expressed in a continuous flow for us to feel healthy, energetic and lively. This is the way we love life, and the way in which our force truly comes to its highest potential. The idea of “The Secret” leads us to believe that this this is an easy task. That we just need to love ourselves in order to be able to come into a fruition of genuine expression. This is not true. As I wrote above, we are working in a complexity of energies with different aim, will and goals. All that said, however, the time from 2015 and onwards, and very particularly during 2017, represents an opened potential for higher star beings to do exactly that: manifest and express ourselves.


This is the reason why I, myself, find creative expressions particularly important at this time. Not just any random creative expressions. But in the form of meeting our deepest truths, listening to them, and allow them to come into a sharing with fellow human beings. The inner urge shows itself by certain thoughts that keep returning to you. And the goal is to become. To allow the flux of energies in all dimensions to run through you, and give the message of being alive. Fully alive. In spite of inner and outer resistance. By mere being, and full expression, we override the restrictions of the matrix on our being. By genuine expression, we begin to manifest in our new timeline.

So the authentic communication of ourselves can truly become the strongest healing potential for us as individuals, for our common communities, and for Mother Earth that I can think of for 2017.

Happy self-communication,

In love and Service,