2017 – Disruption and Creativity

2016 has indeed presented a powerful year to us. And perhaps you are wondering about the energies of 2017, and which focus to keep after we step over the threshold and into a new year. In 2016, many have felt the energetic impulses, moving like etheric hurricanes through our structures. A lot of people have made new important connections, and perhaps started to find into new alignments in tribes, and truer networks. This leaves an opening towards moving into actual processes of co-creation with Mother Earth, planting the seeds of our new timeline and our new reality in accordance with the laws of the living nature.


cellular-awakening-copy2Disruption and creativity

One of the great shifts that happened during the past two years, and with the strongest influence in the last half of 2016 was that people with higher frequencies and multidimensional openings could begin to connect more extensively through physical meetings, with prospects for future collaborations. We have seen the energy impulse also here on In5D, where there have been a high number of guest writers, all attuned to the new energies. This means that our networks are getting stronger. And that the potential for co-creation is increasing.

Individual and collective development

At the personal level, when I woke up 10 years ago, I worked with impulses particularly based on 5D consciousness, related to academic research, esoteric research, energy work, and healing. At this time, it was a challenge to present knowledge connected to a 5D horizon, since the 5D space was not very populated. The alternative world with its healing arts, guru’s and experts was mainly populated by people, who were breaking out of the 3D encapsulation, moving into 4D, but without a 5D awareness. Furthermore, as we know today, the 4D levels often involved elements of distortion and misleading. You could say that the Dark Forces worked on distorting the 4D opening in order to keep the Earth population in a state of non-knowing. This reminds us to be aware that as we ascend, our challenges do increase, when it comes to oppositional forces. The dynamic between ascended people and the potential to move into the pillar of purity, however, has changed drastically during 2016. Today, there is a growing space for exchange, and perhaps even for work at the level of 5D and up (viewing ourselves as 13-dimensional beings). And while having experienced non-distorted openings at these levels, this in fact does open up for the potential of co-creation that has been inherent in the human DNA all along. This means that, besides from focusing on our individual work of expanding our consciousness, and becoming still more accustomed to our presence in the 13 dimensional body, we need to learn how to co-exist with others on this basis. Therefore, it forms an important part of the process to begin to form networks, and to commence the actual process of co-creation from the basis of our present state. The human race is a creative race, and it is meant for co-creation both within its own species, but also, and more importantly with Mother Earth, and all of her physical expressions. One of our biggest challenges, thus, is to establish real life actions towards actually creating and manifesting the changed world that we want, and to becoming able, together with Source and other higher energetic formations, to express multiple different small societies that work from the principles of the living Nature.

What is 2017 about?

2017 is delivering the potential for moving from our 2016 process into a truer state of presence and being, and into new born states of co-creation on the basis of our own process of purification through energetic discernment. This demands of us more than we might realise, however. Co-creation is not just some happy love and light exchange between awakened people, who have no challenges in life. And co-creation is more than our individual process: it is processes that happen in collectives. It concerns mutual alignment, and the actual creation and production of new ways of social interaction that cover all from new forms of leadership and democracy (sociocrazy, perhaps), to sustainable and zero-point energy resources.

Co-creation is a process that also involves people, who do not have open multidimensional consciousness, however, are heart based, and intuitively follow the energy upgrades of humanity and Mother Earth. Thus, we must learn to build bridges among us. Furthermore, co-creation forms a process that demands for us to make new syntheses between our Earthly heritage of different forms of knowledge and inventions that we can mix and synthesise with potentialities of the future, experienced as inspirations. So if we want to participate in processes of co-creation, these processes demand of us to fully accept our physical state, since we have chosen to incarnate on Planet Earth, and be physical. And thus we have also chosen to co-create with the physical aspects of Mother Earth. Thereby, not just seeing ourselves, the human species, as the main expression of Source energy, having made a split, but also incorporating the art of validating all living creatures, from rocks, to plants, to animals, mountains, lakes and more as expressions of Source with individual sovereignty and as sources of learning and communication.

Many of us feel that we have come back to our true identity during 2016, after perhaps having had to accommodate too much to the matrix in order to survive. However, we now need to not just talk our truth and walk our truth, but also to form a diversity of external expressions that signify our truth. Feeling and transmitting the waves of creation inside ourselves and outside of ourselves; as a gift to our surroundings, and to Mother Earth. To move into the experience of a higher energetic recycling, where we take in energies, exchange energies and give back energies; between each other and between ourselves and the planet, in a state that is strongly connected to flow. This state of being and expression leaves a high degree of satisfaction within us. And this satisfaction we can use, while having to deal with living in a split world; where the bifurcation of energies becomes ever clearer.

The great challenge

So not only do we need to open ourselves to the challenges of integrating ourselves at large horizons of time, space and dimensions, and to simultaneously move into challenges that teach us to co-exist with many other living beings, at levels that are heightened into new stages. We will also have to endure the reality played out right beside us as we outlive this: the gradual crumbling of the old systems and thought forms. And this part of reality will be harsh. Now, to some extent, there is free will on this planet. This means that the actors have a contingent space in which to make choices. Therefore the outcome and the pace of what will happen is not known to us exactly. At this level, however, we will see crises becoming even stronger than we have seen in 2016. And we are moving into a reality where there is much more polarisation. At a certain level you could say that the potential for a new war that involves Europe and the US (perhaps as opponents, as we dive deep into the truth of the mechanisms actually involved) is closer now, than it has been for a long time. We will experience to live in the midst of this tension. And that demands our deep courage, and our insistence and continued belief in co-creation in a liberated world of 13 dimensions (placing ourselves wherever we need in our personal process; no dimensional attachment is more worthy than the other as long as we move in the “pillar of purity”), while integrating dimensions 1-3 at the level of lower densities, as long as they present aliveness and purity to us. The main request should be that as we feel into the situations in which we immerse ourselves, we feel the forces of the living Universe present in them.

Advice for 2017

On this basis, my advice to the awakened community will be to keep connecting with conscious and heart based people, and to integrate into, or start processes of creating. To start working actively in areas where you can see that we need to upgrade the social processes around us, for instance making new designs for whole new ways of doing business, exchange or gift economies or seeking out ways to upgrade existing eco-community living in ways that are more in tune with the new frequencies, and that allow us to communicate more actively with Mother Earth, and where creation with material from her is also viewed as a kind of communication. In this process, we must learn more of our planet’s ways of keeping herself and her creations sustainable. We need not immerse into the processes of the dying matrix (unless it is part of our mission and process right now), but we do need to feel the physicality of existence, and to create from this level and up. In this process we will thrive by integrating former experiences made by humanity on this planet (human knowing) to the extent that they serve our higher pragmatic purposes. And most importantly: we will always keep an attitude of unconditional love and deep empathy for ourselves and others as we move along.

I have hopes for the future.

In love and Service,


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An introductory article to welcome all viable and passionate energies into multidimensional collaboration towards more harmonic global human communities.

Dear Readers,

This first blog post will form an introduction and welcome to you all.

The process of awakening and ascension/descension of humankind has a long history to it. On this planet at this given moment, there are multiple groups of multidimensional beings who have incarnated here to be a part of the beautiful transition that forms a genuine potential for human populations of the planet today. Although the multidimensional communities form a minority group, we are approaching and connecting with each other in this particular time. Synchronistic meetings that is changing our lives in many ways occur with increased intensity over the year 2016, making connections in several physical and non-physical dimensions in order to support and strengthen the work of each individual and the networks in which we are engaged. At the same time, the general Earth population is waking up due to the intense cosmic waves that are affecting the physical levels of Mother Earth and the living creatures that she carries. These energy waves are delivering abruptions in the daily lives of millions of people, who were otherwise well accustomed to what could be seen as ‘the matrix normality’ of every day life. These abruptions are forcing people to take a stance, and for many people this means waking up to new levels of reality, to the lifting of the veil of Maya, and the lifting of the veil that has been hiding the corruption and deceptions of what we thought to be democratized Western societies.

At the energetic level, the collaboration of Mother Earth with Cosmic forces that allow her to take an initiation, while the human population is present in her most physical densities, is working as intensely as ever. This means that human beings are, for the first time in the history of the planet, experiencing in one lifetime how it is to ascend to new dimensions, and travel through initiations towards cosmic consciousness at spacetime scales that are unprecedented. Thus, the challenges that this feeds into, is not so much the survival of the planet, as we are led to believe from the established media and research institutions. It is much more crucial to focus upon the choices, wants and needs of the human population itself, and to become aware how we are co-creating this reality with the planet and other cosmic forces, and that we are able to co-create in multiple ways, not just the way we are experiencing in mainstream at this given moment. Therefore, right now, it is most important to understand that it is us as humans that are in need to learn, grow, and make choices, if we want to thrive collectively together with the ascending planet. The planet is healthy and happy with abundance to offer for all. And, like a patient mother, she offers to carry us along. However, it is our choice. This is well known to many people of the multidimensional communities. And this is the take off of this site.

In the process of global transition, we play different roles as individuals. This goes for multidimensional people as well. We have each moved, and woven patterns, in different timelines according to our respective life missions. We have each followed different phases in our life in order to accomplish these missions. Sometimes we have specific tasks to do. Sometimes, the mere task of sustaining ourselves as a multidimensional human being in a world of chaos is the most demanding and beautiful job that we do. Personally, my lifepath has been concerned with collecting knowledge of all kinds and learning to understand these many different forms of knowledge, from practical to theoretical, from energetic communication with stones and minerals, to complex language games between people. From art communication to academic communication. From textual communication to pure embodied communication. What I find of the highest importance today, is the potential and need for integration between some of these knowledge forms.

Many people have much prejudice about the idea of ‘knowledge’, because the matrix system has used knowledge in suppressive ways, especially in the institutionalized education systems. But ‘knowledge’ in this context must be understood differently than in the mainstream. In our context, knowledge occurs in accordance between ourselves as sensitive, empathic aware beings and contexts that we direct our focus towards (physically, mentally or spiritually, or all in combination). It can be the communication between our cells and our day conscious minds. It can be the communication between plants and our bodies, through intake, connecting at the physical level of cells and internal (ELF) electromagnetic impulses, or in external energetic communication. It can be to experience how our current human culture has organized, categorized and prioritized the knowledge that is and has been developed, and to learn about humanity through that activity. Or it could be to orient oneself outside institutionalized knowledge through text books, videos, or just through activation of ones inner cellular and ancestral knowledge, perhaps in direct collaboration with nature. In this context, we value all forms of knowledge as long as they represent viable forms. However, there is one central request: it has to be alive!

As multidimensional beings, our compass for knowledge and truth would rather be the feeling of intensity, sometimes accompanied by tears and shiver. This is how we know. This is how I know. Even after having went through both a Masters Degree in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication, and a PhD study, aimed towards building bridges between academics and spirituality, I am perfectly aware how true knowledge did not come by academic analysis. Rather, it has come through fine tuned feeling, sensation (extended sentience), extended cognition, reading into cosmic light libraries, reading into light, into sound, and by activating the inherent cellular memory and knowledge database that we all carry with us. In general, as I see it, knowledge is achieved and cultivated through constant self-nourishment. This is important, because we, as humans beings do actually represent the most advanced technology on the planet today.

We have been living in a world of huge fragmentation, when it comes to institutionalized knowledge. This blog and website aims towards integration of knowledge forms, no matter their seeminly separate domains. It has been said by Google CEO Eric Smidt, that today we produce more information on 2 days than we did during the entire process of civilisation until 2003. And in spite of these increased levels of information, we do not seem to be able to use that knowledge in ways most adequate to generate healthy relationships between one another as well as in larger communities, and in our relations to Mother Earth. In my view, the reason is fragmentation in itself. It is fragmentation, based on a too high degree of attachment to ego-identities, and to ideologies that have come to show as destructive to our social relationships, and to our relationship with the planet.

Human beings need to generate new platforms from which to understand the world. We need to integrate, learn, and open up to the fact that we have multiple ways of being human, and multiple ways of learning, knowing and functioning in creative networks, while moving towards processes of learning healthy co-creation. For this reason, one of the most important tasks will be to learn to connect in collectives that also allow a diversity of identities and knowledge forms to interact, and that teaches us to move out of fear of the forms of knowledge that we do not understand, while connecting with each other in enactive networks on the basis of synchronicity and resonance, rather than the fact that we have read the same textbook. We might feel terrible resentment towards the people in power in the global communities. Yet, the occurence of a well functioning global community that can account for fully developed sovereign individuals that form multiple kinds of communities, has never existed on this planet before. In the formation of this, we are ultimate planetary pioneers.

As I see it, among the people of the globe with open multidimensional consciousness, there is a need to learn to work together as forerunners of these movements. We have been for years, perhaps. But during 2016, and even stronger in the years to come, this collaboration can be taken to new levels.

It is my clear understanding that no matter the friction and tension that we experience today, while bifurcation between older and non-functional and newer and more viable energies is becoming stronger and more and more visible, moving into a lot of tension also on the energetic scale, we as a human race, settled on Planet Earth, have a true potential to generate viable balanced communities and societies, and to take such social creations into the next levels of consciousness, balance, harmony and unity, which at the concrete scale also means to make new versions of democracy, or ways of collective co-existence.

It is popular, necessary, but also easy, to observe present people of power misuse their positions. It is, however, less popular and easy to understand the mechanisms that lead to misuse of power, and the true risk of ending up with likely actions and understandings if one was to end up in an equal power field. Power does not work just through indivduals. It works in enclaves and joint networks. The individuals that have been striving for power have not had the competencies for creating true democratic systems. This takes an awakened consciousness, and the ability of informed networks to co-create. So even for us today, it is still challenging to imagine and create ways of living that can involve large communities of full grown sovereign individuals in ways that both respect these individuals, as well as the communities in total.

I think, however, that we are fully capable of doing it. Therefore, I place my own knowledge and skills in service of this movement.



Image by Mary-Lou Stavrum Taugbøl