The multidimensional human being

vitruvian-man1This article seeks to emphasise some basic understandings that underlie the platform of multidimensional integration. This has to do, in part, with how we understand the human being as a point of departure representing aspects of experience and knowing, while keeping in mind the variety of forms that knowledge can take. The reason that I feel a need to make this clear is that once we begin to move into a journey that combines institution based knowledge from Planet Earth (university knowledge with an overall Western view point) with knowledge that is based on a variety of ways in which humans are able to receive and integrate information from all sources external to them, including cosmic such, it becomes challenging for many to connect with people, who represent a kind of focus and synthesis that is quite different from their own. This can be so even if they are basically headed towards the same goal of moving into a new timeline, and co-creating more constructively in accordance with the viable layers of our planet. So, if we want to create a minimum of mutual understanding and trust, we need to clarify the point of departure from which we are talking?

Since we are operating with an upgraded personality that can navigate 13 dimensions from the plane of being a physical person (thus, we call it ‘personality’) we need to understand how reality changes as we move through dimensions. In the first 3 dimensions, reality appears to us mainly in a relation between the 5 gross senses and the physical objects around us, or their evident effect upon us. When we move into the 4th dimension, we are entering the so-called “dreamstate” or “dreamtime”, which we have historically acquainted through the aboriginal cultures, to mention but one example. It is by now well known that in the 4th dimension, the etheric world, there has been a lot of falseness and distortions leading people on spiritual journeys astray. However, the focus in the Platform of Multidimensional Integration is not upon the negative forces, or the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda). If you wish to know more explicitly of these forces, Lisa Renee ( or Laura Magdalene Eisenhower ( have both explicitly been studying the ways and forms of these forces as they show in our sensible domains here on planet Earth. I will just say that the NAA does function at levels higher than the 4th dimension, however, as ascended beings it is possible to stay conscious of such forces, and to work our ways beyond their capacities, into the new timeline, which is the object of the Platform of Multidimensional Integration.

So, our focus here lays upon the formation of the new timeline, and hereby also upon what we could call The New Human. The New Human is not an ideal type that needs to be strived for. It rather represents a stage of being human that is beginning to be present on Earth, ready to form and live in new kinds of timelines, and thus to move into processes of co-creation with other fellow human beings. It is all a matter of perspective, and of what one’s soul or spirit entity needs and chooses to experience at this given moment. Together with this statement, the communities of New Humans (we could actually call them Viable Humans, so that we leave out the label of the “new”, since time is a complicated thing that is not always the best to describe given phenomena) have the opportunity to, together with Mother Earth, move into this new constructive timeline, and create a Now that to a higher extend represents the aspects of Source that concern viability. We will move more into the elements of what a viable society in accordance with the living aspects of Mother Earth and Source might consist of, and look like. In fact, this is the very research process of this platform, and the aim of its energetic and knowledge based support to individuals and networks, who aim to move into the new timeline, and built on this basis.

So what is this viable human being like? This human entity has moved into a state where he/she is able to carry higher degrees of streamed cosmic evolutionary love, streamed information, streamed light, and contains a higher degree of balance between the masculine and feminine energies. This human is, to a very high extend directly animated by living forces, and is thus characterised by a dynamics in either internal or external flows, or in an individualised mixture of both. It seeks and accomplishes integration into networks that can support such flows in mutual manners. Thus, the end result will be, living vibrant networks of mutual flow that last as long as they are able to serve the whole in their own unique fashion. They can set small goals or large goals. They can last long, and they can last for a short time. All in all, there is a lot of work to do, while co-creating our new world.

The viable human is a human being, who can feel the energy aspects of Nature very directly, with a potential to feel into all 13 dimensions (while we speak of the 13 dimension incarnated entity carrying a sort of ‘personality’), and s/he will be able to tune her/himself into relevant energies within the 13 dimensions and the physical incarnation entity will, ideally, work with these energies in a subtle and precise orchestration, constantly informing and being informed, in flows between internal and external levels of existence. We are all part of the deepest creational force, however, as incarnated entities we experience different degrees of fragmentation that also appear in different ways while we focus from and upon different dimensions. The Diamond Body can contain and uphold the 13 dimensional personality. This personality must train skills in navigating from dimension to dimension, while staying balanced and whole, always being able to become animated, and, furthermore, to discern energies that are viable and pure. Now, you might stumble over the concept of something being “pure”. And the use of this concept is truly challenging. However, I do very clearly experience that there is something that can actually be pure, that is, purely integrated into the incarnate entity, and channeled directly from Source, rather than energy that is better characterised by interferences from the lower parts of the incarnate personality, from traumas of the self, from lack of remembrance of the whole, Source and the higher levels of unity, or from interference by elements of the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda). Interferences from NAA are often called ‘implants’ in 5D exchange communities.

From the level of perspective of the 13 dimensional personality, who can navigate dimensions and change perception and cognition with them, we will undermine no dimension or no level of density present to us. Thus, we will not value one level of fragmentation over another, that goes also for the lower dimensions with high leves of density. It is all a matter of focus and perspective. We already know that the denser and lower the dimension, the higher degree of fragmentation. But as we do not discriminate between dimensions, it means that we do not devalue any of them. In fact, we work with a principle called deep equality, which sets all dimensions equal. This principle also has as a consequence that there is full equality between an atom and a galaxy, as an example. So instead of devaluing the lower dimensions, our sense of discernment would rather concern what I call “the pillar of purity”. We can see this as a metaphorical description of levels of purity that can be acquainted in all dimensions from the highest to the lowest (and the reverse). It penetrates all dimensions like a spear, and forms a pillar that stands for purity in energy and frequency, transparency, Divine love, and Divine Will.

Now, we must remember that language per se, such as the English language that I am using right now, is a communication form that traditionally connects to the physical world, and to the lowest of dimensions, unless we move into underground esoteric environments, where attempts have been made to develop language in ways that allow for words to hold energies of higher frequencies, supplemented by different forms of symbolic language, including numbers, mathematics and geometrical forms. In other dimensional realms, we might see pure light waves, or light patterns as languages. Or we might see sounds forming languages as well. There are many kinds of language, and they change according to the dimension, density and frequency in which we operate. So we must realise how we all use language as incarnated entities, and how different our point of departure in communication can be at that level.

When it comes to language (verbal and written), some people use it as a very primary source of communication that allows them to participate in social and cultural relations. Others integrate linguistic silence firmly into their way of being, emphasising body language, or pure energetic (telepathic) languages, other symbolic light languages, etc. However, in shared articles and videos on the internet, we use written and spoken language. In Western cultures we use highly sophisticated languages, or at least we have the potential to do so; because we have developed such.

In this sense language can be seen as a part of a technology, and it does have effects on us, whether we like to admit it or not. In fact, we do not only think and express ourselves with language; we are also thought and expressed through language, because we inherit it from our predecessors. Language is often loaded with meaning, even while we use words in a casual and seemingly simple way. When we use it, we take upon ourselves parts of meaning that have been developed by others, and that we transmit; consciously or not. We play with language games, and language games play with us. And so we are all connected to our history and cultures, in part, by the way we integrate and use language; even the spiritual communities that emphasise how this world is an illusion and that there is no separation, no culture, etc. are, to some extend, ‘trapped’ in webs of socio-cultural language games.

Thus, at The Platform of Multidimensional Integration, we integrate the level of fragmentation where language, history, cultural knowledge, etc plays a role as well. Because that is also a level of knowledge that is useful to pick from, while creating life in the new timeline. In this sense, politics, media communication, academics, art, etc all play a role.  Just like the flux of feelings that runs through our bodies, we can observe the many kinds of communication and systematisation of our culture, and we can read them without attachment. As viable multidimensional human beings, we do not have to create our self-understandings by abiding to their inbuilt conditionings, however. Because we have made ourselves clear that much of what we see around us is truly a matrix game. Nothing more; nothing less. However, this does not mean that words and language cannot, and do not, carry energy. It does not mean that knowledge cannot be carried by language. And it does not mean that in the new timeline, there will be no languages as we know them today. And at the same time we know that we cannot do energy work, spiritual work, and social work, by developing and using language alone. It is a tool. It is a technology. It is there for us to become aware of, and to use.

Now, there is a lot more that could be said on the topic of language and matrix; but the point is that at The Platform of Multidimensional Integration, we take all levels seriously, and we work with processes of both ascension and descension, respectively. We take the first 3 dimensions seriously while remembering how The Pillar of Purity plays a crucial role. And thus, we take our roles as incarnated beings, and the collaborative processes that we are prone to move into while using our current potential for co-creation, seriously while seeking to support the new pathways towards making the co-creational processes a reality. At the same time, we are also aware that language is an expression, a construct, a potential for energy expression, and energy upload. It is a tool for both de-constructing and co-constructing social realities. And so, we can work with concepts and labels as a means of communication, but we always know that no person is the concept that we place on them. Nobody and nothing is = a label! The use of labels and concepts can, however, help us move into a common temporary space of understanding/energetic connection, and that is how we use language in the Platform of Multidimensional Integration.

If we want to learn how to co-create as multidimensional beings; with each other, and with others who keep another focus than ourselves, we must remember, in our perception of life, knowledge and work, there are 13 dimensions in which to operate, while creating change. This means that some of us are working at more intangible levels, and thus work primarily on the inner levels. And others who are more visible. We keep a deep humble appreciation of all entities working in all kinds of syntheses between dimensions, cosmic, spiritual and earthly knowledge, while making this platform, with no disregard to people focusing primarily on more dense physical dimensions, or focusing primarily on less dense and less physical dimensions. What binds us together is the sense of viability and willingness to move along with Earth into the 5th dimension as a physical planet on which to live, work and form communities. And we can continue to ask the question: what binds us all together? Across domains, dimensions, densities, nationalities, and all the different kinds of fragmentation that exist?

It is the wish to co-create a new timeline in accordance with mother earth. And the sense of viability, distributed in her, everywhere in raw nature, from which we can learn to detect viability within ourselves. Thus, we become animated beings; animated with life from Earth, from the Solar system, from the Cosmos and beyond. We become living, animated beings, whose primary principle of operation is co-creative life.

In love and service


(Illustration: Unna Eirika Gyldenlind)