On relationships and sexuality 2017

It goes without saying that with the shift in energies that has been happening for the past two years, while increasing the intensity also during the year of 2017, a lot is happening at the level of relationships. This concerns both partners, but also friends and co-workers, especially if you are self-employed and rely on working partners in a living network. This article will take us further into a clearing of the situation of relationships during the current energy shifts.


First of all, most people are being upgraded at the physical level, and as multidimensional beings, we feel this very clearly. One of the results of this upgrade of our body structure, is a much stronger and faster energy release than we have been used to, when it comes to traumas that have functioned as a particular part of a person’s path and Dharma for individual and collective clearing. However, as these traumas find a more organic form of release, and are no longer stuck in our system, we begin to attract other types of people, who are in synchronicity with that. Because these energetic shifts are so strong, the pace naturally affects existing relationships. One could say that it was easier to assure that partners were in sync for a longer period of time, while the evolutionary pace was slower, and change was not as drastic in a single lifetime. However, this is not the case today. Because we live in a time of huge transformation, our relationships will naturally mirror this. It is hugely important, in this time, that we do not blame ourselves, if our partners do not change with us, as we go through our own changes, or if a relationship that seemed stable, cannot follow pace with the changes.

The relationship between man and woman is undergoing deep transformation

Since both lightworkers, starseeds and likely incarnated people, who came more or less directly from other realms, and therefore are often already initiated from places other than Earth and the Earth matrix, and the part of the earth population that has been bound to the planet through multiple karmic cycles, are all experiencing the possibility to exist in higher and purer frequencies without the same level of opposition as before, this actually affects all kinds of relationships. The evolutionary potential has been there all along, however, for multiple reasons we have been stuck in different levels of resistance that has not allowed the true unfoldment of us as multidimensional vibrant human beings. The incoming waves of the past few years, however, are making an energetic space for this to happen. Therefore, it is beginning to unfold. This means that our bodies are re-structuring, and this again means something for our potential to experience free Kundalini flux, and for the integration of the higher female energies and the way they manifest through human sexuality. On this basis, together with societal changes, new types of relationships are beginning to form.

The new unions do not happen without challenges though. We tend to romanticise the soulmate relationship and the spirit mate relationship as something ideal that will leave us with deep and full satisfaction. The fact that we are able to share more of ourselves, be more connected, and feel much stronger frequencies of love with another person, however, does not automatically lead to secure relationships. Particularly not, because the relationships are happening in a pioneer energy. We still need to learn how to outlive these relationships. And we still need to accommodate to a world that is basically not made to meet the needs and existences of such relationships, and which does not deliver a language for our experiences. Or an understanding setting around us. As we know, the spirit mate relationships are transformative in themselves. Energetically and concretely, they are a piece of work. This is not negative though. If we are truly connected to viable spiritual realms in ourselves, we do this work with pleasure. Also when it is challenging. And it is particularly pleasurable, because we know that as we meet, heal and relate, we are also creating waves of transformation for the people around us; healing wounds that are reminiscens of the patriarchy, and the suppressed feminine in women and men.

Relationships represent a social institution

Since the change is so profound, it is not so that we will all just find our one spirit mate, and live happily ever after. The overall integration process, concerning for instance the Divine Feminine, relies on each and every person doing their dedicated work with the energies. And after the individual work comes the integration into social units and commons. And if a society has never experienced spirit mate relationships, it takes time to accommodate and integrate this experience. Spirit mate relationships are very powerful, when they function. So we can never just understand these processes from an individual standpoint. Individual and community is always an equation that cannot be overlooked. In fact, ascension and descension has a lot to do with formations of collective chemistry. Today, we are aware that the traditional family concept with all of its potentials and social constraints, has formed an important institution in a society. And it has been relying on particular roles for females and males, based on the patriarchy. Even in the modern world, although here we do see lots of signs that this model of relationships becomes more and more outdated. With feminism in the 70’ies, and with more women as a part of the working force, and today more women than men in universities, some changes have already happened. But needless to say that the patriarchy is still the major structural foundation in most western societies, and we have yet to experience the integration of Divine Feminine in people, and witnessing the results at broader social scales. The spirit mate couple are, in many ways, in their very constitution, upheaving and transforming the essence of patriarchy. It is supporting the integration of the Divine Feminine; first in the female, then for the male to learn and to integrate, and for the female to provide a safe space for the male in which to explore his feeling and his heart connection and to develop fully in the Divine Masculine. The twin flame relationship, and its many attempts and challenges during the whole of this transformational process, is what is going to provide a center for societal change. And the work with refining the root chakra for both men and women is the foundation for a full grounding of the spirit in the body, and for the transformational process to work from the individual and out to the surroundings. Therefore, sexuality and partnership play a huge role. But, as I have written, it is also profoundly challenging, and in this process we must have patience.

The twinflame, or the new spiritual couple?

We all know that words matter. Concepts matter. So, the way we give conceptual meaning to something, and generate shared meaning, affects the ways in which we understand ourselves, in which we act, and in which we co-create our realities. What do we call the new spiritual couples? In this context, I prefer the Scandinavian way of using the concept ‘spirit mates’, rather than Twin Flames.

The usual story connected to the concept of spirit mates is that they represent two parts of one merged soul or higher spirit that has incarnated into two different bodies, most often of opposite sex. They can have a history in a timeline of multiple karmic soul incarnations on this planet, or in other planetary fields or universes, but the idea is that in the beginning of time, they were one soul. The problem is, however, that none of us know exactly how the universe, or multiverse, began, and since reality is multidimensional and holographic, and since there exist intelligences far beyond our scope, we do not have an overview over how it is all created, and when this time of beginning is set. We could imagine an incarnation that is tied to the Big Bang narrative, so that the spirit mates represent soul energy split into two while the universe materialised. In this narrative, the two have a potential to re-unite after multiple incarnations with different experiences, recognising each other at the energetic level, because they have shared energetic non-local wisdom in all of their processes, both while being close, and being apart, while being physical and while being non-physical. This way of relating provides a lot of depth to the relationship, where many very earth bound relationships do not necessarily have deep inner connections. Their constitution is more of a practical kind. So all levels exist. The reason that I am writing this is that we should not be discouraged if we meet and connect with a person that we understand as a spirit mate, while not ending up as a happily ever after in this relationship. In many cases, it is our human ego that longs for filling out the emptiness that often goes with human existence in one final partnership. And it is the dream and ideal of reality that almost all human beings seem to long for that is the carrier of the need to unite with our other part in order to feel whole. However, in spiritual earth reality, there is rarely this cozy ending to the process of being alive. And very often, we move through processes that do not have a final end to them. The fact that human existence is profoundly process based will be still clearer, as our frequencies are elevated, and much of our former identity is being cleared, and transformed. We are still ourselves, however, life begins from a new level of perspective and being. This is never ending.

Spirit mate relationships as the key to social transformation

It is fruitful, actually, to learn to think in larger syntheses than what we have been used to, when preoccupied with spiritual ascension and development. By this I mean that we need to learn think beyond contradiction in binary opposition. Concretely, we need to understand that we, as individuals, are always deeply interrelated to the social context in which we exist, and that there is never one without a context of other individuals. This goes for all dimensions, both 3rd and 5th, because our societies are structurally still in a 3D state, even while we have moved into the 5D timeline at the energetic level. It is not just that our surroundings are a manifestation of our (day-conscious) wants and needs, as proclaimed in “the secret”. Manifestation always relies on an individual-collective relationship, hereunder also the social systems and the very particular constraints and programs that lie inherent in them. We never create in an empty space. We are never sole creators. As a species, we are actually group creators. We just have been so busy with our individual processes that we have primarily noticed manifestation abilities at this level; not how groups and society place constraints and potentials that directly affect our ability to manifest. So the dynamics between individual creator and common creation is more complex than just sending out your wishes, and making it happen. I am pointing this out in order for us to understand how the development through sexual relations, personal sexual development, and developmental processes in relationships all mirror this complex dynamic. When we heal and clear ourselves, we attract a partner that is likely healed and cleared. As we join partnership, we affect our surroundings. When we reach a critical mass of transforming, and energetically powerful relationships, this will have evident effects on society.


So how do with deal with this period of transition within ourselves, within our relationships, and within the social settings around us? What will really soothe us in this special time, is to raise our ability for unconditional love through self-nourishment and compassion. Giving ourselves the present of taking fully care of our bodily and energetic needs, while being appreciative of all that our bodies give us, and support our experience as this given incarnation. It is very important that we are able to forgive ourselves, and forgive our partners, if we experience a collapse in our relationship due to the strong energy influx and activation that happens these days (as mentioned, it can be friends and colleagues as well). If we seek to judge what outcome is most realistic for us and our relationship, there is no earthly or heavenly manual for it. What we have, is our ability to discern, and to feel deeply into the stomach, and to primarily follow the organic instructions that come from within. And then we can end up by saying that no matter the outcome, each relationship should be honored and cared for, and valued and given attention as long as it is alive, and also while breaking up.

In Love and Service