This blog is the commencement of a multidimensional platform that has integration as a goal. The concept “integration” is thought of in a very wide sense, and the basic principles for integrative movements is viability and multidimensionality. This means that the blog is based on an understanding that reality is made up of multiple dimensions, whereas some are physical, some are less physical, and some must be considered to be non-physical. They all affect each other, however not necessary in ways that can be explained by traditional logical causation.

During the year of 2016, strong energy shifts have occurred on the planet, which allow for stronger integration between multidimensional human beings with the denser parts of Mother Earth, expressed as the diverse nature of elements, minerals, plants, animals and human beings.The foundation for an alignment with an evolving Planet Earth and physical human beings moving in and out of processes of ascension and descension towards creating the first seeds of a multidimensional cosmic one world society on Earth has commenced. This means that planting seeds for the coming cosmic society is now very possible. The more seeds that are planted, the better the opportunities for moving into a constructive transitional period, since the period from 2017-2025 is a period of strong transition, with multiple opposing energies working both for and against such a transition. Thus, regarding the physical life on this planet, one must conclude that the role of human beings in this transition is more important than ever.

This site concerns the multiple roles of human beings in the great transition and seed planting for a future nourishing, healthy and balanced cosmic society.

The site will post texts and link to videos, and in time, will move on to a full website that aims to support the transition, and all people who decide to be part of such a transition. This blog will provide texts that form a basic understanding of themes that are understood as central to the transition. They are based on processes of discernment, knowledge development  that is cell based, energy based, Akashic, Cosmic, Earth society education, networking and multidimensional exchange between people of resonance and synchronicity. Already here, we begin to understand how knowledge is multi-spectred, has multiple dimensions, and is achieved in a variety of ways. Besides from viability, therefore, is the concept of ‘honored diversity’, which is to be understood as a humble gratitude and awakened awareness of how and why diversity among people, people of different lands (cultures), people of different knowledge connections, people of different network basis, is hugely important, and a beautiful asset and potential that is given to human kind. Thus, the awareness that moves at the levels of the collective, and the potentials for developing collectives forms yet another basic concept of this scheme: the path towards multidimensional integration of humans and nature, humans and the planet, and humans and the cosmos (which is also “nature”).

In deep love and service,

Kathrine Elizabeth Lorena Johansson

Image by Mary-Lou Stavrum Taugbøl

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